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"Every tooth in your mouth is more expensive than a diamond"

About Dr. Srishti
Meet Dr. Srishti Bhatia


I am Dr. Srishti Bhatia. I am an orthodontist by profession and have been practicing since 2014 at my dental center- Bhatia Dentopulse.

I am starting this page for those of you who have a lot of dental queries but are too shy to ask your dentist about them. Hope some of your questions will be answered here. Lots of love.

Useful Tips


This page is dedicated to your queries. I will try to answer the most frequently asked questions. If there is anything else you want information on, you can ping me directly or leave notes in the contact us section

Perfect Smile
Dental x-ray
All Dental facilities available under 1 roof

Bhatia Dentopulse provides state of the art facilities clubbed with an experienced team to give you a holistic and professional dental treatment.

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Now Close Teeth Gaps Without Braces!!

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