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Braces creating trouble during the lock-down?

Do you have braces and are unable to visit your orthodontist for scheduled/emergency appointments? Read on to find out how you can help yourself at home

Having braces and feeling some sort of discomfort or pain go hand in hand. But what if the pain is there to last, without any immediate resolution in sight? That's where I'll try to come to your rescue!

First of all, do not visit your orthodontist right now. Whatever it is, can most probably be managed at home. Also do not pressurize him/her to treat you since it can be dangerous for you as well.

I am going to try and provide you with simple solutions for things that usually go wrong during the orthodontic treatment. Following these steps will alleviate your problem for now.

1.Wire poking out

Wires can poke out from the ends of the appliance and can result to be very disturbing & painful.

What to do?

Use the rubber end of a pencil to push the wire into a more comfortable position.

If that does not help, use some orthodontic wax or chewing gum to prevent it from hurting

2. Loose or broken bands

Bands sometimes tend to become loose and start to move in their place. They may also come out from the tooth. This creates a disturbance while eating.

What to do?

Try to push the band back into its place and place some orthodontic wax or chewing gum to prevent it from moving further.

Also start with warm saline rinses to relieve any associated pain.

3. Broken brackets

Broken brackets can be a hassle and these will need to be replaced once you are able to visit your orthodontist.

What to do?

Firstly, try to put it back into place if it is still attached to the wire. That will relieve the discomfort.

If the bracket has detached itself from the wire, keep it safely with you and take it to the clinic on your next visit. Do not lose it.

4. Broken fixed retainer

The fixed lingual retainer can sometimes break due to excessive pressure while eating. It can normally be repaired. But that won't be possible right now. It can creating difficulty in eating.

What to do?

Use orthodontic wax or chewing gum to stick it into place temporarily. Taking t out completely is not advisable.

5. Separators causing pain or have come out

If you have just started with your treatment and have small blue rubbers installed in your back teeth that hurt, then you need not worry too much.

What to do?

If the rubbers have come out, it is not an emergency. These can be inserted again on your subsequent visit. You can relax until then. You do not need to save these rubbers.

If the rubbers are causing pain, you can start with warm saline rinses and take a prescribed pain killer, if necessary.

6. Mouth ulcers or skin lacerations

Sometimes, due to a wire poking out or due to the appliance itself, you may get ulcers or wounds on the cheeks and lips.

What to do?

Firstly try to locate the problem area and cover it up with orthodontic wax or chewing gum.

Next, avoid any spicy food for the next few days.

Apply any prescribed gel for ulcers such as Dologel to relieve pain.

In case anyone wants to contact me regarding dental queries, I am sharing my number here.

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Sangeeta Bhatia
Sangeeta Bhatia
10 avr. 2020

The solutions are really good.

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