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Brushing Teeth- The Right Way

Do you brush your teeth? You would say of course! But are you brushing them the right way? Let's find out!

Tooth brushing is one of the most basic hygiene practices among human beings today.

Everyone who is even a bit concerned about oral health, brushes their teeth. Right?

Brushing the right way

Most people brush their teeth daily but a majority do not know what's the right way to do it. Read on to know more..

First of all, what all do you need to brush properly?

1. A soft to medium tooth brush

Do not use a hard brush- I repeat, do not use a hard brush! Use a soft to medium tooth brush which needs to be changed every 6 months or as soon as it starts fraying.

While brushing, do not apply too much pressure. Use light hand pressure in circular motions.

2. Pea sized amount of fluoride containing tooth paste

Do not use too much tooth paste. More tooth paste is not going to clean your teeth any better!

Use a small pea size amount on your brush and go on about it. That is enough amount to clean your teeth properly.

And what kind of tooth paste, you might ask- Any fluoride containing toothpaste is good. The more expensive kinds won't clean the teeth any better than the regular fluoride toothpaste!

Avoid abrasive containing tooth powders as they tend to wear off the tooth structure.

3. Two minutes of your time- twice a day

Do not keep brushing for a longer duration- it is not going to make the teeth shinier. Instead, it will weaken the teeth near the gums and cause cervical erosion!

It's best to keep a timer in the washroom timed at 2 minutes and follow the time guide strictly so that you don't over brush!

Also, brushing twice a day is very important. It is rightly said that 'brushing in the morning is for others & at night is for yourself'.

Most people skip the night time brushing as they are too lazy to do so. But what they don't realize is that they are allowing all the germs & bacteria to stay in the mouth overnight and cause so much more damage to the teeth.

4. Technique

According to dental literature, there are various techniques that are used for proper brushing. Some of these techniques are relatively simple while others are hard to learn and practice.

I am describing a very simple & easy to follow technique below, which can be used by just about everyone!

To watch a video on the same, click here

Following all these tips will keep your teeth & gums healthy and free of cavities!

Be sure to take out those 2 mins twice daily to keep your mouth clean & healthy. This will help you avoid trips to the dentist as well!

If anyone wants to contact me, I am giving out my number below

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