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Were you getting dental treatment done & can't go back now to finish it?

This quarantine and home isolation due to COVID-19 is something that we would have never anticipated in a million years! Due to this situation, there are so many tasks that were left mid way and could not be completed. Your dental treatment could be one of them.

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Dental Treatment Left Midway?

In my last post, I talked about emergencies related to braces. This one will be dedicated to dental emergencies in general & what you can do about them while you stay at home.

Trust me, most issues can be sorted at home temporarily, at least till the time everything goes back to normal. Do not visit your dentist right now. Save yourself & others from contamination.

I am listing out common issues and their do-at-home solutions below. Try & stick to these solutions and keep everyone around you safe.

1. Severe pain

Severe tooth pain can you keep you up at night and can be very distressing. I have talked about the management in a separate post but I will summarize it here.

You can click here to read the complete article.

What to do?

-Rinse with luke warm water

-Use clove or clove oil

-Start with a pain killer

2. Swelling

Does your gum look like the picture on the right? It is swollen & it oozes out pus if pressed?

What to do?

-Start with warm saline rinses 3 to 4 times a day

-Start with a combination of a painkiller & antibiotic. For details on what to take, you can text me on the number given below.

-Do not try to puncture it with any needle or your nails. It could get infected.

3. RCT was initiated

Did you get you root canal treatment started but the lock down came into effect before you could finish it off?

What to do?

-Do not panic

-Maintain excellent oral hygiene

-Avoid eating from that side

-Continue with warm saline rinses

-If the filling comes out, try to replace it with some cotton so that food items don't go into the tooth.

4. Bleeding gums

If you have blood coming out of your gums every time you touch them or brush your teeth, then follow the steps below

What to do?

-If there is constant bleeding, rinse your mouth with cold water after swirling it in the mouth for 5 to 10 secs

-Apply intact tea bag to the gums for 5 mins

-If gum paint is available at home, apply that 2 to 3 times/day

5. Scaling was initiated

Did you visit the dentist and get your teeth cleaned but the process could not be completed?

What to do?

-This is not an emergency. Do not worry about it

-Continue with the medicated mouthwash prescribed to you.

-The process will be continued once everything goes back to normal.

6. Crown/bridge has come out

Was your crown or bridge fixed temporarily? And it has come out now?

This of course can create problems in eating food. don't worry, there is a solution for this as well!

What to do?

-Use some chewing gum or wet atta and place it in the grooves on the inside of your crown or bridge. Now place it back on your teeth.

-This will temporarily stick the crown/bridge back to your teeth ad you can continue eating!

7. Stitches after surgery

Got an oral surgery done but could not go back to get the stitches removed? The oral stitches are nor resolvable and need to be cut off by the dentist. Read on

What to do?

-Let them be where they are.

-Do not try to cut them off using the scissors at home

-Maintain excellent oral hygiene

-Continue with warm saline rinses

8. Post implants check up

Did you get an implant but could not go back for a check up? Or is your 3 month waiting period over and you couldn't get the cap/bridge over it?

What to do?

-This is not an emergency situation. Relax

-Once this situation is over, you can visit for the next procedures

-If your check up visit was not possible, do not try to test the implant by moving it with fingers or the tongue. Let it be in it's place

-Maintain excellent oral hygiene

-If you could not go for your cap/bridge, the extra time is only going to strengthen your implant. Don't worry about it.

If anyone needs to contact me, I am including my number below.


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