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Do braces make your teeth yellow? Read on to know how to stop it..

Do you have braces on your teeth and are worried that in every few days the teeth start looking yellow?

Do you worry if it is permanent and your teeth will remain this way even after the treatment is over?

Let me give you a simple answer to these questions..

The teeth don't turn yellow.. It is just the elastics holding the wire to the brackets that turn yellow!

These elastics are generally transparent in color and due to the excessive Haldi in Indian foods, they tend to get stained.

The elastics are generally changed on appointments and your teeth get back to the white color they used to be!

Meanwhile, how do you prevent this yellowing?

Maintaining excellent hygiene

Maintaining an excellent oral hygiene is of utmost importance during braces.

The simplest method to do so is rinse after every meal as far as possible.

Brushing twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste is also mandatory.

Reducing intake of colored foods

Colored foods will tend to discolor the elastic ligatures. Minimum exposure to colored foods will ensure that the ligatures stay as transparent as possible. This enhances the esthetics and makes you feel more confident about the braces.

Using steel ligatures instead of elastic ligatures

Using steel ligatures instead of the elastic ligatures is possible in some cases. But the decision to choose the type generally remains with the orthodontist. They ll be able to choose what's better for you and guide you accordingly.

If steel ligatures are possible for you, they don't get discolored with any food items and don't change their appearance even after a month of your last appointment.

Opting for self ligation braces

Self ligation braces are another option for you if you can not keep away from colored foods. Although this type of braces offer many more advantages but no discoloration is a primary concern for many patients which these brackets solve.

These brackets have an inbuilt lock mechanism that secures the wire within the bracket and so no ligatures are needed. Now since there are no ligatures, there are no chances for discoloration as well!

All these points are also explained in the video below. Click on the icon to watch!

In case you wish to contact me directly, you can do so on #9711495014

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